We Pioneered the Mobile Pantry System

Having pioneered the Mobile Pantry system 19 years ago, in February 2012, The River Fund became the very first organization ever to receive specific recognition of the mobile pantry model under the Federal Hunger Prevention and Nutritional Assistance Program (HPNAP). We are very proud of this accomplishment—one that is already benefitting needy communities nationwide.

With the granting of official federal, state and city EFRO-status (Emergency Food Relief Organization) to our Mobile Operations, we were finally able to access independent funding for this special service that, for almost two decades, has reached people in places where permanent food pantries are not feasible.

Not only is this model now being emulated across the country, much closer to home, several organizations in New York were able to quickly launch their own mobile operations—and get them funded—after Sandy’s impact and our rapid response to it exposed the value of having such flexible capabilities.

The River Fund has been able to sustain this important pioneering endeavor for 19 years without any government funding of any kind—thanks, in part, to the gifts we can count on from our monthly donors. Thank you.

If you would like to make a specific contribution to our Mobile Operations, please click here.