food access

We have multiple distribution programs which include:

  • Onsite Food Distribution
  • Mobile Pantry
  • Homebound Independence Program
  • Hub & Spoke Program

The RIVER FUND also supports over 10 entities including churches and different community-based organizations by sharing our food stock for their local outreach programs. With doing so we are able to expand our impact throughout the city.

Every $1 Donated

Yeilds $20 worth of groceries

Our Impact

The RIVER FUND serves over 15,000 households with weekly groceries and distributes over 2,000,000 pounds of groceries monthly.

Serving enough supplies to sustain 3 meals a day with nutritionally balanced groceries.

Supplies include sandwiches, fresh produce, beverages, nutritious snacks, personal hygiene products, clothing etc.

Onsite Pantry Distribution

Serving over 2,500 households with a two-day choice food pantry distribution. RIVER FUND can care for families with groceries, fresh produces, and donation of items such as clothes, shoes, hygiene products and more.

Mobile Pantry

RIVER FUND operates what was the very first Mobile Pantry in the country, a pioneering effort which began 25 years ago. Every week the Mobile Pantry delivers some 50,000 pounds of food to underserved and under resourced neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.

Homebound Independence Program

The Homebound Independence Program was created was created in 2012 as an in-house program designed to cater to individuals that are unable to attend the food pantry due to their severe medical conditions. Client’s part of this program receives weekly groceries according to their dietary needs. With having three days of deliveries over 70 clients can receive at home delivery services. Additionally, clients apart of this program receive extra support from the RIVER FUND to apply for all benefits that they may qualify for.

Hub & Spoke Program

RIVER FUND supports over 10 entities, including churches and community-based organizations by sharing our food stock for their local outreach. This helps expand our impact across the city.