The holiday season often presents significant challenges and stress for families living on the lines of poverty.

Please join RIVER FUND in creating a touch of magic embodying the true spirit of the season for some of our most vulnerable fellow New Yorkers.


This heartwarming, meaningful initiative allows generous donors to directly impact the lives of our RIVER FUND families and seniors. The wider community can make the holiday season a little brighter for those living on the lines of poverty by purchasing gifts directly from their personal “Wishlist.”

This is not only an opportunity to be of service, but to help bring dignity, kindness, humanity, and joy to some of our fellow New Yorkers in need.

To Adopt-A-RIVER FUND-Family, please email us at to help bring the magic of the season to those we serve.

Deadline to Adopt-A-RIVER FUND-Family | December 6, 2023 

Deadline to Deliver Gifts to RIVER FUND | December 12, 2023 


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Our Holiday Gift Card Program provides our RIVER FUND clients the means to purchase gifts from their wish-lists.

You decide the amount on the gift card(s) based on the household size. Purchase as many gift cards as you would like, to support anywhere from one person to multiple families. Our goal is to help you bring Christmas joy to families in need with young children.

Your generosity will help us ensure that everyone is able to share in the joy and magic of the season!