Connor Tutoring

RIVER FUND’s Tutoring Initiative provides support in range of academic programs from Kindergarten through High School. These one-on-one sessions offer an individualized learning experience helping to improve our student’s self-esteem, academic performance as well as personal growth.

One of the lasting effects of COVID is the academic struggle of our youth, already living in challenging and under-resourced households.

Part of our RIVER FUND fiber is to be nimble. With the help and generosity of our new and longtime friends, we extended our tutoring.

Two of our intrepid partners in the effort are:

RIVER FUND x Robinhood Give Back Club at Fieldston School

12 High School students are volunteering one-on-one with our RIVER FUND youth, customizing lessons and meeting their academic needs.

RIVER FUND x Berkshire High School Tutoring Club

5 High School student tutors are paired with our RIVER FUND youth guiding and supporting their educational growth.


RebeccaxSharoon (1)


Rebecca and her family have been part of our RIVER FUND family since 2019.

Rebecca started volunteering at our Saturday Food Distribution Program and offered to support our youth.

Rebecca quickly became one of our beloved tutors, assisting our students in math and reading.

Connor Tutoring 3


One of our earliest and most dedicated volunteers is our Connor.

Connor started by tutoring one student in Math and from there, “Connor’s Classroom” quickly filled with a group of children eager to learn from him.

His dedicated Saturdays provided much needed structure for our youth that struggle with so much at home, not the least of which is schoolwork.