Kavindra Horil


We first encountered Kavindra when he was just 16 years old, offering his time as a volunteer during our programs.

Today, Kavindra stands as a proud graduate of the Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Queens College. Through the guidance of his mentor and his dedicated efforts, Kavindra has secured a fulfilling position as an Accounts Payable Analyst at Hudson Bay Capital.



Johileny joined our RIVER FUND family when she was 13 after she moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic in search of a better health care system.

Johileny, a Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Graduate, studied in Washington, D.C. for a year and spent a semester in London as a Global Equity Fellow creating resources for students with disabilities so that they too could study abroad. She graduated from New York University in 2019.

Johileny is gainfully employed at Mobility International USA - an organization focused on the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange.



We met Jonas through his brother Enmanuel one of our very first youth volunteers and our very first Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Recipient.

He won our hearts, immediately.

Jonas is now not only a proud Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Graduate himself, but gainfully employed as a Respiratory Therapist at a local Health Care Center in Queens.



Jordy is one of eight. When we first met his family, they were facing many challenges.

Our 'Family-by-Family' Approach offered stability and provided necessary resources on various fronts. Jordy is a proud Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program Recipient and graduated from Baruch College.

Jordy is now gainfully employed as a Paraprofessional | Management Company at Hudson Bay Capital.

Mahesh Tribhowan


Mahesh became a valued member of RIVER FUND family when he started helping with the weekly groceries at our Food Distribution Program on Saturdays. His eagerness to volunteer quickly made it evident that he would be an excellent addition to the Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program.

Today, Mahesh is a proud graduate the Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program and is thriving in his role as an Energy Engineer at Lawless + Mangione Architects and Engineers LLP. His journey from volunteering to professional success is truly inspiring.



We met Vineliz and her family when they were in need of support.

Vineliz is a proud Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program Recipient and graduated from New York City College of Technology with an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing in 2021.

Vineliz is now gainfully employed as a Pre-Operative and PACU Registered Nurse at Mid Bronx Endoscopy Center.